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More Yoga for Women

Better Sleep 

Sunday 11th June 2017, 3.00pm - 5.30pm 

Seasonal Yoga Academy

46 Darnley Street

Glasgow G41 2SE

Quality sleep is crucial and lack of it leads to increased levels of stress, feeling irritable, poor levels of concentration and a weakened immune system. If your sleep pattern is disturbed because of young children, being perimenopausal,  going through the menopause or long-term stress, then this workshop is for you. Yoga for Women teacher Charlotte will teach healthy habits to improve the quality of your sleep. The yoga practice will be based around postures which soothe the nervous system. You will also learn some gentle breathing and acupressure techniques to calm the mind and then enjoy a deep guided relaxation to ensure a great night's sleep. 

£25 per person or £20 concession

Email Charlotte for more information or to book tickets: [email protected]

Yoga for Women

Saturday 13th May 2017, 11:30am - 2pm

Prana Yoga Studio


In this workshop we will focus on postures to nurture, support and strengthen the endocrine system which is essential for hormonal balance. We will also use some gentle breath work (pranayama) and guided relaxation techniques. The aim is to reduce stress levels and increase vitality.

Join this workshop if you want to learn how to boost your fertility, alleviate PMS and menopausal symptoms, regain your balance after childbirth, or if you just want to get in touch with your feminine side.

The workshop will bring you mental calm and ideas on how to integrate Yoga for Women into your daily life to make you feel positive about yourself, your body, your monthly cycle as well as your life cycles.

£22 per person or £18 concession

Email Charlotte for more information: [email protected] 

To book tickets: